JRoad is for...

your grandmother, your weird uncle, and you with the new tat... This church is for the skeptic, the angry, the misled, and the broken. This church is for the guy who wants to sit in the back, and for the guy who reserves his seat in the front row. This church is for the single mother, and the mother of 10 kids. This church is for the employed and the unemployed, the found and the lost wanderer. It is for the focused and the one who struggles with staying focused. You will not be frowned upon, given a weird look, or judged if you don't know the Bible or if you can't sing along with every song.  You dont have to dress a certain way or smell a certain way. Whoever you are: We love you and we can offer a message of hope and life change. This not by anything that we do, but by the grace and power of the living God. Come check it out for yourself.

  • A Verse by Verse Series

    Do you ever wonder if your prayers are making a difference?  Our new series at Jericho Road, Useless Prayer, takes a look at what it takes to unlock a powerful and effective prayer life.  Click HERE to listen online or join us at one of our services on Sunday at 9:15 & 11:00AM.

  • Every 12th

    Every 12th Sunday instead of having church we go out to BE THE CHURCH.  CHECK IT OUT HERE

  • We like you, do you like us?

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  • Missional Communities

    Jericho Road missional communities are gospel-centered, small groups of people  who meet regularly to worship God, study the bible, eat, pray, laugh, do life together and go on mission to serve our communities.  Please click HERE for more information about what groups are available for you to join.  

  • Jroad has an app!

    iPhone, Android, Google Phone, iPad, Tablet... You name it, it will be in your app store or market. Jericho Road's App makes everything you need to see and know right at your fingertips. Podcasts, Worship Music, Videos, Announcements, etc. It's all there, and it's free. Now Available!

  • No More Hassle

    Giving online is safe, simple, and convenient! Set up recurring payments, or one time gifts. Either way, we're making life a little easier. GIVE HERE. Text giving is coming soon!